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Transformational Leadership



This program explores the potential that lies in being able to master your own mindset and transform the moment when interacting with others. Constructive Mindset is the most effective way to develop your own potential and effectiveness - and that of the people you work with. In the following modules, we explain why that is and what the three fundamental types of mindset look and sound like.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the role of mindset in personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Identify and shift barriers to development
  • Learn how values and beliefs impact on behavior and flexibility

*Please note that your online access to this course will be granted for a period of up to six months from the date of purchase.


Here is the program outline:

1. Welcome


2. What is a hippo?

What is a hippo?

3. Hippo Derails

Hippo Derails

4. Constructive Circle

Constructive Circle

5. Emotion


6. Intention


7. Attention


8. Action


9. Transitions

Transitions from Hippos to Dolphins


The following certificates are awarded when the program is completed:

Certificate of Completion
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