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Webinar #11 Executive Awareness


Executive awareness is the ability to see what is hidden, hear what is unsaid, and uncover your own intuition to improve your leadership. It starts with my experience that many leaders simply don't get the information that is necessary to make great decisions. They mistakenly think they "know what is going on in their company". But as a consultant I am constantly witnessing issues, challenges, dilemmas, problems and crises that are not being communicate upwards. So, for me, executive awareness is about learning to "sense" what is going on. To build and improve your "6th sense" as a leader. Today at 1600 CET, I'm running a webinar about Executive Awareness that introduces and discusses some of the key issues, benefits and approaches. Join me. See the comments for the link to register. The webinar is part of our Digital Leadership Academy offering. We run webinars on key leadership issues each month for participants in our programs, clients and interested people.

Here is the program outline:

Executive Awareness

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