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Webinar #14 Constructive Circle: Emotions @ Work


Transforming Mindset

Transforming mindset is a way of thinking and acting that enables leaders and employees to become more effective in complex global working environments. It is essentially a way of developing more complex mental and interactive skills. We try to improve the impact of the leader – their effectiveness.

In order to improve impact, we need to align around 4 aspects: emotions (what we are feeling); intention or goals (what we want to achieve); attention (what we are noticing or paying attention to) and finally action (what we are actually doing). By aligning those four, we increase the impact of behavior (what we are doing) and fundamentally start operating on a whole different level. When we align mindset, essentially what we are saying, how we are saying it, and the impact of interaction of all those words, is going to have more power and influence. On a simple level, it means that our communication is more effective and impactful.

Additionally, it is important to focus on the right things. In order to do this, the 70/30 rule is useful to keep in mind: Focus 70% of the time on strengths and only 30% on challenges. In other words, building confidence, ability and capability by focusing on the things that are working.

Here is the program outline:

Emotions @ Work

Here you can review the latest webinar about "Emotions @ Work".

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